Simone Cois
was born in 1982 in Cagliari - in the beautiful Sardinia (Italy), where he still resides.
          Even as a child showed strong propensity to design and adolescence has pioneered the use of pencils, charcoal, ink, watercolors, gouaches without precluding any technique. A lover of art in general, participating in education working with clay, carving on wood and bas-relief on the sheets of copper, but never abandons passion for drawing. When you reach a certain mastery decides to shelve the color for years and draws only in black and white (pencil and ink), honing the technique of light and dark. The passion for travel allows him to visit some of the most important museums of the world and to capture special views (look "Photography" section) photos that are sometimes a source of inspiration for his paintings.

           In 2012 he began his experience with acrylic which leads him to experiment with various techniques, but always in an explosion of colors. In the works that you see in these pages, the media used are canvas or tiles dating back to the late 1800's that come from Genuri, a town in the hinterland of the city of Sardinia.

          From 2013 he began collaborating with Design &, for which he writes articles related to art and began to exhibit his works. 
          In 2014, in February, he exhibited in Florence, city of art par excellence, in a group that supports him to members of the Italian and international art world. Building on the success of this exhibition, his works have been on display until April.